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Become a PARTNER of the Heart of Danville

Our member partners are important to us.  These individuals and businesses demonstrate continued commitment to a strong, healthy Downtown Danville. 

• Business owners whose success is aided by an attractive, healthy and vital business environment.

• Retailers and restaurateurs who recognize that a healthy and prosperous business community will increase sales and traffic to their business, and that cooperative programming provides opportunities to develop new customers and relationships.

• Corporate executives who understand that the success of nearby commercial districts helps attract and maintain a quality workforce.

• Downtown professionals, managers, consultants, developers, lawyers, accountants and others who share our vision for the future of downtown Danville.

• Residents who take pride in downtown Danville and understand that people really make a difference in shaping the future of the place they call home.

• Non-profit organizations who know that a healthy community can only improve the economic environment in which they operate and seek funding support.

• Individuals who understand the importance of a friendly, welcoming and safe business district for the benefit of the entire community.

• Friends of the Danville Main Street Program who support the activities of the downtown business community and who have developed personal and professional relationships with businesses that are located here.


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